Clearing it up for my fans.

Special thanks to my dude drama dupree. he’s the best.

Phat Daddy and Leon Knight | Black Gay Porn Zone Blog

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imfondofmyself1452 said: but on some real shit...you straight right? you seem like cool eople and no offence to the gay people cause im bi, but i can't befriend gay eople cause i get too caught up in sex and relationships instead of friendship...

Yes i am straight and how you going to say ( you straight right?) in then say no offense to gay people idk dude I’m not gay lol. Now when you you guys choose to believe me is on you guys.

lorenzofreshaziam said: Phat daddy, can u do the cat daddy lmfao jks whats good homie tell ur ma n pa i said thanks for making a sexy fukin baby hahha. When are u coming to Canada Toronto, id love to chill/party wit u smoke a blizzy or two, u get me, no u aint gona holla but its allgood, just sending sme love to where its needed, iight cutie have a bless day homz ciao

I don’t smoke and i don’t go to canada and i don’t do personal hook ups, but thanks for being a fan

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